Premium Disposable Tattoo Grips

Upgrade your creative process with the tools to enhance your workflow. Tattoo Grips offer newly innovated, premium disposable sillicone grips with advanced ergonomic comfort. Each grip comes individually packaged and sterilized with ethylene oxide gas. Easy to read sterilization indicators ensure the safety of each single use grip, easing the mind of both artist and client. The knurled sillicone grips provide a firm, comfortable grasp while reducing hand stress, fatigue, and vibration during tattoo sessions. Enjoy improved performance while maintaining a consistent style - from machine to needle - with Ruthless Tattoo Grips.

Solong G503A Premium Disposable Tattoo Grips Tubes for Liner and Shader


Durable Crystal Clear Transparent Medical Grade Plastic Tubes

25mm Black Silicone Grips

Single Use Grips Allow For Easy Cleanup

Individually Blister Packed and Pre Sterilized with E.O. Gas

Available In a Range of Tip Sizes

Box of 20 Grips

product information.jpg

▲Diamond Tubing Size       


●  3  Diamond Tube- 3 DT

●  5  Diamond Tube- 5 DT

●  7  Diamond Tube- 7 DT

●  9  Diamond Tube- 9 DT

●  11 Diamond Tube-11 DT

●  14 Diamond Tube-14 DT

▲Flat Tubing Size

●  5  Flat Tube- 5 FT

●  7  Flat Tube- 7 FT

●  9  Flat Tube- 9 FT

●  11 Flat Tube- 11 FT

●  13 Flat Tube- 13 FT

●  15 Flat Tube- 15 FT

▲Round Tubing Size

●  3 Round Tube- 3 RT

●  5 Round Tube- 5 RT

●  7 Round Tube- 7 RT

●  9 Round Tube- 9 RT

●  11 Round Tube- 11 RT

●  14 Round Tube- 14 RT

Premium Disposable Tattoo Grips


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