Wireless Battery For Tattoo Pen

△Lightweight design, 92.7 grams.
△Battery capacity and voltage indicators are displayed on the LCD screen.
△2400 mAh super capacity, can work continuously for more than 5 hours.
△Full charge in 2 hours with fast charging.
△5 levels of control voltage 5-11V. △USB-C lithium-ion battery is used for dynamic power path management.
△High-quality lithium battery pack with long service life.
△Configured with RCA and DC interfaces.

Release Freedom

start wireless tattoo working

This battery is currently the largest battery on the market. The battery can work for 5 hours. This is a revolutionary change in tattoo work. Dynamic power path management USB-C lithium-ion battery provides high energy density to provide high reliability and stability. Supports 5 different voltage outputs, the operation is very stable. It can help you get your tattoo done, even without power. Currently its design can be used with any tattoo pen except cheyenne.
wireless tattoo machine battery

2400mAh Capacity


Charge Quickly 2 Hours


Output Stable


Short Circuit Protection


Overload Protection


Free Control

1 level

5 Voltage

2 level

6.5 Voltage

3 level

8 Voltage

4 level

9.5 Voltage

5 level

11 Voltage

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