Digital Tattoo Supply

This Digital Tattoo Supply can be used to tattoo eyebrows, beautiful pupil lines, tattoo lips, tattoos, multi-function power supply, small and stylish appearance, easy to carry. After the foot pedal is connected, the machine is stepped on once and the machine starts to work. Once the pedal is stepped on, the machine stops working. Different from the traditional power supply, it is necessary to step on the pedal, save time and effort, and save time. The bottom of the power supply has four high-viscosity non-slip mats that allow the power supply to be firmly secured to the workbench.

professional Digital Tattoo power Supply    


Digital Tattoo SupplyDigital Tattoo SupplyDigital Tattoo Supply


 LED Display:  Display Speed Level, from 1 to 11

 UP Button: Speed Level Increase

Down Button: Speed Level Reduce

○ EYE, BROW, LIPS, TATTOO: MODE BUTTON, Short Press: Mode Choose. Long Press till Beep: Storage

○ Non-stick Power Switch: Press for 3 seconds, Turn ON/OFF

○ Foot Pedal Connector Port: 3.5 mm Audio Port. Press Foot Pedal, mode change between Voltage output and Close

Power Output Port: 3.5 mm Audio Port

Power Input Port: DC15V/1A


△Two digital display gears

△four mode button with power off storage


The worlds smallest and lightest Digital Tattoo supply unit .

This Digital tattoo supply is convinent to carry and every useful



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