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Tattoo Needle Cartridges are compatible with ALL cartridge-system grips and machines, have been crafted using only the most cutting edge equipment, and are tested multiple times to ensure premium quality products. Thanks to their sleek, compact design, ZUNLONG needles save space, are easy to change out, and decrease motion during tattooing, yielding a more effective way to tattoo.


Specifications & Ordering information

- Material304H Stainless & Steel medical-grade plastic
- Diameter0.35 mm
- TypeRound Magnum / Curved Magnum / RM
- Taper2.5 mm
- TextureNo
- ColorSemi-transparent
- TipFlat Tip / FT
- PackingBox of 20 pcs

EN08Disposable Sterilized Hawk Tattoo Needle Cartridges

20 Pieces/Box
Price is for one Box
Round Liner: 1RL 3RL 4RL 5RL
Round Liner: 7RL 8RL 9RL
Round Liner: 11RL 13RL 14RL 15RL 
Round Shader: 3RS 4RS 5RS
Round Shader: 7RS 8RS 9RS
Round Shader: 11RS 13RS 14RS 15RS 
Round Magnum: 5RM
Round Magnum: 7RM 9RM
Round Magnum: 11RM 13RM 15RM 
Single Magnum: 5M1
Single Magnum: 7M1 9M1
Single Magnum: 11M1 13M1 15M1 
Double Magnum: 5M2
Double Magnum: 7M2 9M2
Double Magnum: 11M2 13M2 15M2 
Flat: 4F 5F
Flat: 6F 7F 8F 9F
Flat: 11F 13F 14F 15F 

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