Magnum Long Taper Needle Cartridges

Magnum Long Taper Needle Cartridges

solong tattoo machine use sterile safety tattoo needle cartridges. They are very precisely configured, are quickly interchangeable and come in a variety of different types and configurations. The needle cartridges have their own integrated membrane that keeps ink and blood away from the grip. In addition to this, the needles simply disappear back in to the safety cartridge when switched off, making it easy and safe to dispose of. The one-way needle cartridges come in a sterile package and have a hygiene membrane that keeps ink and body fluids away from the machine and hand piece. The punctures are clean, precise, and easy on the client’s skin. HAWK manufacturer MT.DERM has improved the needle cartridges especially for the HAWK drives, making them even more precise. The benefit for tattoo artists: their work has become a bit easier and more comfortable. And their clients will feel less pain and heal faster. Exchanging the needles doesn’t interrupt the workflow. Unwrap, insert, go. And when it’s time for another cartridge: click off and dispose. The needle tip disappears inside the safety module, so there’s no handling of bare used needles and less infection hazard. The cartridges come in packs of 10 and are available in a range of 25 configurations and sizes that provide a new dimension of uninhibited creative expression. Diameter of Micro-needle (mm): 5-Magnum: 0.3 7-Magnum: 0.3 9-Magnum: 0.35 13-Magnum: 0.35 17-Magnum: 0.35 23-Magnum: 0.3 27-Magnum: 0.35

Magnum Long Taper Needle cartridges

Cartridge Needles

As Needles cartridge's manufactory ,our Needles Cartridge are made of 316L surgical stainless steel. Unleaded solder alloy is used for needles making. Assembly and packaged in clean room.the "new school" tattoo artist is increasingly using tattoo needle cartridges.

Available Size:

Round Magnum: 5RM 7RM 9RM 11RM 13RM 15RM
Single Magnum: 5M1 7M1 9M1 11M1 13M1 15M1 
Round Shader: 3RS 4RS 5RS 7RS 8RS 9RS 11RS 13RS 14RS 15RS 
Round Liner:1RL 3RL 4RL 5RL 7RL 8RL 9RL 11RL 13RL 14RL 15RL 

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