0.35 Mm Sterilized Wholesale Needle Cartridge

MADE FROM 316L SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL & MEDICAL GRADE PLASTIC. Transparent colors to easy tattooing and better visibility. Each box of 20Pcs. Individually packed and Pre-sterilized. E.O. sterilized and packaged in blister pack. Compatible with all standard cartridge grips and machine.Cartridges Needles come with Safety membrane to prevent ink leakage to the tube or tattoo machine.


Solong Tattoo Accessories 1 RL 0.35 mm Sterilized wholesale needle cartridge for round liner



316L Medical Stainless Steel

Needles Taper0.35mm
Net Weight:145g/box

Packing include

                           Note:Please don't use if package is damaged 

0.35 mm Sterilized wholesale needle cartridge

Sizes and what they mean

RL: 1. 3.5. 7. 9.11. 13.15. 18.20

RS: 3.5. 7. 9.11. 13.15. 18

F: 5. 7. 9.11. 13.15.

M1: 5. 7. 9. 11. 13. 15. 

RM : 5. 7. 9. 11. 13. 15.

M2: 5. 7. 9. 11. 13. 15.

The number of needle points clustered together is indicated by the number before the needle type. For example,

a 3RL would be 3 needle points, and a 9M1 would be 9 needle points. The smaller the number, the smaller the mark.

Round Shader(RS):  Round shader needles are for shading or the filling of your tattoos.These are needle points

organised in a circular form, but not as tightly grouped as around liner. A focus in summer on the welding quality

and needles to bring you maximum quality to your work.

Round Magnum (RM):The Magnum round needles are mounted to allow to use a tilt of the needle which brings

the ink in a higher concentration and gives a more covering result.

Flat (F): Flat needles are for shading geometric designs.Flat needles are a configuration to color and geometric

shapes in your tattoos.

Round Liner (RL):  Round liner needles are for lining and out lining the designs. These are tightly grouped needles,

organised in a circular form.

StackedMagnum (M2) : Magnum shaders are for shading large areas. These are needle points commonly grouped

in two straight rows. Magnum needles are mounted to allow to have a surface of most important Spades, so a faster

implementation, with beautiful surfaces or gradients.

WeavedMagnum (M1):Magnum shaders are for shading large areas. The Magnum needles are mounted to allow to

have a surface of most important Spades, so a faster implementation, with beautiful surfaces orgradients.


Choose from our range of sizes for clean, sharp tattooing! Tightly grouped, easy to useperfectfor artists.

This liner tattoo needle set with sharp and fine point can create the most natural lines.

Professional tattoo needles are harmless,sterilized,stainless steel for liner and shader.

Stainless steel material is noncorrosive easily and stable, which can create asafe and healthy environment for tattoo work.

These needles are disposable for single use only.

The Professional Tattoo Needle Cartridgeis the clear choice for any serious tattoo artist looking for quality precision needles

together with a cartridge that offers security and safety when itcomes to tattooing clients.Whatever style of tattooing you

prefer to practice you can feel safe .Our Cartridge Needles have been designed in consultation with professional tattoo

artists to ensure a system that creates clean and precise punctures onto human skin to cause less trauma.



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