Permanent Make Up Tattoo Machine Pen

The Black Bullet Cartridge style tattoo machine pen has the tattooing power you need to create beautiful works of art. Even better, its design is focused on providing comfort for the artist, so you won’t need to sacrifice that in order to do what you’re best at. Working with this quality tool is a breeze. This permanent tattoo pen is superior with outline work as well as shading work. The enclosed Japanese motor is well-known for efficiency and reliability. The majority of cartridge tattoo needles will work with this rotary tattoo machine pen. Aesthetically, its smooth finish is admirable and feels great while you’re using it.

permanent make up tattoo machine pen


    • Operating Voltage: 7 – 12 V DC

    • Rpm range Stitches / Sec: 8V-8000rpm / min 8-800 / sec 

    • Power Input: 15 V Switch frequency: 55 – 165 Hz

    • Stroke: 3.5mm

    • Needle Protrusion: 0 -3.5 mm

    • Connection: 3.5 mm DC Jack plug

    • Propulsion: Japanese Motor

    • Operating Mode: Continuous operation

    • Dimensions: Diameter x Length: 27.7 x 116.5 mm

    • 60 days warranty on machine



    By rotating the grip, you can infinitely set and alter your optimum needle protrusion. The correct needle setting must be taken into account depending on the application and skin type in order to achieve perfect results.

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