Shading Cartridge Tattoo Machine Pen

CNC Q5 – a Short, portable tattoo pen with an ergonomic and lightweight design for optimal maneuverability. Move more, worry less with this exclusive tattoo pen design that gives artists more freedom and flexibility. CNC Q5 is professional for shading work, also perfect for lining, black and grey, and large-area coloring packing! The CNC Q5 short rotary tattoo pen will let you focus on the tip of the cartridge needle to drawing delicate lines.


  • Professional shader machine

  • Shader and solid color work efficiently, avoid repeated coloring and cause skin damage

  • The nominal voltage is 12V

  • The speed and frequency belong to the middle level. Suitable for most people’s operating speed.

  • Support wired power supply, support battery power supply

  • diameter 34mm grip

  • Length: 96mm

  •  light Design, only 147g

  • The connection RCA

  • Accepts all major cartridge brands

  • The eccentric can be replaced


  • 1 Machine

  • 1 RCA Cord

  • A few O-ring.

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