Strong Motor Rotary Tattoo Machine

Rotary Machine delivers the same strong, steady hit you loved in the Diablo Slide V1, but with an enhanced machine body - adding stability and improved handling. The Diablo Slide v2 features a high-torque Mabuchi motor runs at up to 8,000 RPM and doesn’t sacrifice on comfort and usability. At 4.8oz, the machine feels sturdy while dampening unwanted vibration, and the built-in needle clip will stabilize your needle without the use of a rubber band. The quality materials and engineering behind the Diablo v2 Slide guarantee a machine that runs quietly and dependably.

Strong motor rotary tattoo machine


New and improved machined body - improved handling and durability

  • Available in three different stroke lengths and colors:

    • Gold - Short Stroke (2.5mm)

    • Black - Medium Stroke (3.5mm)

    • Gunmetal - Long Stroke (4.2mm)

  • Compatible with standard needle setups as well as cartridges

  • Needle clip eliminates the need for rubber bands

  • Connects to RCA

  • RCA cord included free

  • Mabuchi 8000 RPM motor

  • Body made of CNC-machined aluminum; overall machine weight: 5.6oz

  • Lifetime warranty on the body

  • 1 year warranty on the motor

Strong motor rotary tattoo machine

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