Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun Frame

The tattoo rack consists of zinc alloy and is then polished and colored. This motor tattoo machine is exquisite and compact, simple and elegant, easy to carry Suitable for long tattoos, the body is particularly light, only 105G. It comes with a high quality 10w Taiwan-made motor and a protected RCA connection, so durability and reliability are a given

Solong M635 Tattoo Gun Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine


rotary black tattoo machine

red rotary tattoo machine

grey rotary tattoo machine

With over 10 years of precision tattoo machine prototyping and building, as well as several revisions and improvements, Solong Tattoo is the obvious choice sold exclusively professional tattoo artists and apprentices internationally. Tattoo equipment are made with a consistent goal of excellence and dependability. These RCA ready machines include Rotary Machines that offer fully interchangeable stroke sizes and Coil Machines that are offered as conventional liners, cutback liners, power liners, soft shaders, cutback shaders, or color packers. With over 50 distributors WORLDWIDE, and over 78,000 social media followers, Solong Tattoo Machines offer a quality of product you simply cant turn your back on

Brand NameSolong Tattoo
Operating Voltage2V-3V
Start voltage7-12 V
Rpm range Stitches/Sec8V-8000rpm,min 8-800/sec
Stroke length3.5mm
Suspection Stroke0-4mm
Connection TypeRCA
Package including1 rotary tattoo machine,1 RCA connection line

Note:Please keep the machine woking under 12v to protect the machine motor.


1.Compatible with Standard Needles and Cartridges

2.Stroke Drive - Stroke Wheels Included, Interchangeable Stroke Sizes

3.Adjustable Give Travel

4.RCA Connectivity

5.Engineered and Manufactured in China

6.Good Service




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