Clip Cord Rotary Tattoo Machine

This Rotary Tattoo Machine with 4.5 W Motor ,can be used both for liner and shader . Keep stable and stronge after long time working

Solong M654 Rotary Tattoo Machine with Clip Cord


▲ Cartridge Drive

▲ Aircraft Aluminum

▲ Comes with 3.5 Stroke Wheel

▲ Maxon Motor with Ball Bearings

▲ Clip Cord Only

▲ Made in China

▲ Grip not included


◆ Light-Weight

◆ 7 Colors Avaliable

◆ Steady after Long Time Working

◆ Cool Shape

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1. Always make sure hands are clean before cleaning your tattoo, once home, remove bandage.  Never reuse the same bandage.
2. Wash the plasma off the tattoo with lukewarm water along with antibacterial-antimicrobial soap with only hands.
3. Once tattoo is cleaned, allow it to dry for approximately 10-15 minutes before applying the ORIGINAL BALM.  Pat dry tattoo with soft towel or air dry.
4. Massage a very thin and even layer on to the tattoo with complete coverage.
5. Do not cover the tattoo with another bandage unless it is absolutely necessary to keep it safe and clean.


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