Powerful Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen

X-WE tattoo machine is the first 100% wireless tattoo machine. It inherits the stability and durability of the X series and is as good as other tattoo machines. It makes wireless work easier and breaks through the limitations of space.


Tattoo Machine X-WE designed by CNC is the first generation wireless machine. Packaged within two power bolts that you can use alternately to maintain continuous work. The tattoo machine motor used by CNC WE is the shortest motor drive designed by CNC technical department, and we abandon the direct drive system so the CNC-WE can do more on various types of tattoo effects.

 Key Features

  • 2 Wireless Power Cell

  • Custom Germany coreless motor with dual-shaft

  • Replaceable stroke cam

  • Minimal vibrations and low noise

  • 13level voltage output

  • Ergonomic grip design

  • The Power connection Type-C

  • Accepts all major cartridge brands

  • Grip diameter:31.5φ

  • Length: 141mm with power pack

  • Weight : 176g with a power pack, Power weight: 37.4g


  • 1 Machine

  • 2 Power bolt

  • 1 Professional manual

  • 1 Type-C cord.

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