Magnetic Wireless Tattoo Machine Gun

Wirelss Machine With High-End Design And High-End Technology Make It possible To Achieve The Best Results At Work

Magnetic Wireless Tattoo Machine Gun

Product Introduction

Newest Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen For Tattoo Artist

Material CNC Aluminum
MotorCoreless motor
Production ProcessCNC Precision Carving + Turning And Milling Compound + Surface Polishing + Anodized Coloring
ConnectionPower Charging Type-C Interface
Starting Voltage8V
Working Voltage Speed8V-7200RPM 10V-9000RPM 12V-10800RPM
Needle stroke3.0MM

Needle Length

Color Option



1. The product is connected by magnetic contact, matched with the power supply of the digital screen, and the magnetic contact method breaks through the limitations of the original socket contact and avoids the problem of tightening force and connection after the socket is used frequently; at the same time, the product is in use. , You can remove the power supply and plug-in section, and perform high-temperature disinfection and wiping maintenance on the drive and handle section where the battery is located. The handle head is easy to replace, the needle is fixed, and the power display area can be manually adjusted to match the needle with a magnet for easy tattooing Time voltage regulation and switching operation are suspended. 

2. The unique appearance makes the tattoo artist more comfortable to hold the pen, and it is easy to use for a long time. It is equipped with a high-speed hollow cup motor and imported 5W high-speed bearings. The high-performance drive conversion mode is adopted to ensure the tattoo needle output. The stability of the needle, not easy to swing up and down, enhance the tattoo effect; through the collection of tattoo experience of major professional tattooists. The product needle adjustment is stable, and the product accessories are purchased from international high-standard and high-wear materials, which guarantees the product's service life; 

3. Innovative needle adjustment method, the needle length is adjusted by the rolling of the pinion, the operation is simpler More convenient; 

4. Double battery matching, easy to go out on business, avoid the dilemma of being unable to get tattoos due to external conditions, the dual-module collocation of power supply + handle drive is convenient for users to maintain and maintain the products later.


Maximum Tolerable Torque

Power operation instructions

1. Power switch: long press the power switch button for 2s to turn on, long press again to shut down, short press the power button to pause the function, short press the power button again to turn it on again; in the pause state, the output voltage cannot be adjusted by up and down gears; default 8v start, with strong start function.

2.Each short press of the button will increase the gear; the optional voltage range: 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10, 11, 12V, a total of 11 gears, adjust to suit your own speed Suitable gear.

3.Down button downshift button: downshift once for each short press of the button.

4. Battery charging: Connect the charging cable and the battery to the USB plug and insert the charging adapter. The charging indicator will be red and the charging mode will be on. During the charging process, the charging indicator will change from a steady red light to a mixed red and orange flashing until the charging indicator is off. On, it means the battery is fully charged;

5. There are five power indicator lights, each of which represents 20% power, five full lights are 100% power, four lights are 80%, and so on, one light represents 20% power, and the battery needs to be recharged ;

6. This power supply has overload and short circuit protection.

7. Fully charged battery lasting 2.5h-4.5h (measured)

8. Charging time 2.0h (the power supply cannot work when charging)

Packing and shipping:

1. Cartons or plastic boxes are usually used for packaging.

2. Some parts will be packaged with sponge or foam cotton.

3. Choose air, land and sea transportation modes according to the size of the order.

Our Service

1. Professional inspection personnel, quality assurance.

2. The complete range of products saves time and money for your purchase.

3. Service attitude is good, can deal with customer feedback in time.

4. Rapid response to your enquiry in 12 working hours.

5. Experienced staff professionally answer your questions.

6. Customized logo is available. OEM are welcome.

7. Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by well trained staffs.

8. Special discount and protection of sales area provided to our distributor.

9. Our products open foreign agent business, become our agent can enjoy the best quality agent service.


Q1: How long about the lead time?

A: Within 7-30 working days.

Q2: Do you guarantee the quality of your products?

A: Our product quality control is strict, and many merchants purchase our products or OEM.

Q3: Can you add my custom logo?

A:Yes, no problem. You can send the logo before we begin to manufacture.

Q4: Do you offer samples?

A:Sure, we can send a sample for your reference.The cost of samples should be paid.If you have another questions, please feel free to contact us.

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