Giant Sun Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine Kit

1.Very safe and steady. 2.The needle hole is visible and applicable to a number of eyebrow streakers. 3.The replaceable needle holding tube is removable for cleaning and disinfection,it is also disposable for replacements and if free from loosening and dropping. 4.The product in reference comes with a variable-speed switch on top of the device providing a handy and prompt adjustment of speed. 5.In order to keep the white colorant from back-flow into the needle hole and the needle holding tube (with the needle hole,the white colorant will generate back-flow and there is no way to stop it ); The most effective prevention is to provide with a sponge to keep the colorant from back-flow for life span of the device. 6.The vertical jump of the needle assures a stable operation and enhanced friction resistance as well as speeding handling as a compact and duarble. 7.All products are subject to sterillization ruled by sanitary requirements and are packed in units bearing disinfection instrucions,please dispose it after use.

Giant Sun Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine Kit

Product Description

§ Hygienic
§ All parts are detachable
§ Regular needles & Combo-needles

Power pen weight:
Dark Green / Champagne
eyebrow / eyeliner / lip permanent makeup
Needle length:
50-51 mm
Needle type:
Disposable Regular & Combo-needle
7500-8500 rpm/min.
120V or 220V ( Switching 100V ~ 240V )


• Light body, the power pen weights only 55 grams.
• Suitable for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip.
• Equipped with variety of needles.
• Each needle is pre-sterile with E.O. gas in individual blister pack.
• The device is provided with a sponge to prevent the back-flow of the pigment.

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