Deluxe Rotary Machine Kit

​Importance: We kindly remind you that the ink included in this set is only for using on Practice Skin. Please read the tattoo safety instruction carefully before tattooing. Beginners should practice under the supervision of an experienced tattoo artist. It's a must to conduct a skin allergy test for your clients for any ink you would use on their skins before tattooing to avoid skin allergy. Please sterilize the tattoo needle and other equipment completely before tattooing in case of infection. Tattooing requires breaking the skin barrier, thus it may carry health risks resulting from improper operation, including infection, allergic reactions or other complications, for which our company will not be responsible.

Solong Tattoo Deluxe Rotary Machine Kit Power Supply Tattoo Ink 2 Rotary Machine TK249

Factory Number: TK249

1. 2*Rotary Tattoo Machine Guns 

2. 1*LCD Tattoo Power Supply

3. 1*Top foot pedal/Switch

4. 1*Clip-cord

5. 14*tattoo ink

6. 50 *tattoo needles

7. 2 *Aluminium Alloy tattoo grips

8. 10 *tattoo tips

9.100* Ink cup

10.1* ink Cup holder

11.50* Tattoo-machine rubber bands


13.50*Rubber o-rings

14.5*tattoo tip cleaning brush (5pcs per set)   

15.3* adjust tools 

17.2*Disposable tattoo gloves

18.1* manual

19.1* transfer stencil paper

Tips for Beginners:

  • Please read the tattoo safety and care manual carefully before tattooing.

  • You should practice under the supervision of an experienced tattoo artist to improve your tattoo skills.

  • Please do a skin allergy test before tattooing, it is necessary.


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