New Style Tattoo Coil Machine

Own the latest Coil Machine design from FK Irons; newly designed, the AL13 Roswell is lightweight, powerful, and waiting for you! Available as a Power Liner, Soft Shader, or Color Packer, the Roswell is designed with a guillotine vise mechanism with 5-point clamping that allows for a secure grip on all standard metal and disposable tubes. Also built-in is a steel inlaid rear yoke, which delivers outstanding connectivity as well as multiple positioning options. Available tuning options include: Power Liner, Soft Shader, or Color Packer.

New style tattoo coil machine  


Product name New style tattoo coil machine 
Wrap Coil10 wrap coil 




Carved from fine copper, reasonable size & fast working speed. 
Color fast and used as shader gun. 
Smooth lines and reliable operation, designed for uses with tattoo needles, tubes, grips and power supplies. 
Good conductivity & permeability, high accuracy. 
Works stably and keeps cool after 4 hours' worktime. 

Lightweight, portable and flexible to be operated.


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