Advanced Coil Tattoo Machine Kit

This kit was put together for the purpose of continued use after your apprenticeship. Solong machines are easy to work with, easy to tune and run as good as the best on the market. On average, the machines working voltages engage at as low as 3.8v and run at as low as 5.5v. Power Supply is reliable, rugged and features a 10 turn dial. All consumables that come with this kit are sterilized with indicator strip and blister packed. They comply with many state regulations in regards to sterilization/indicator strip requirements.

Solong Advanced 2 Guns Ink Power Supply Needles Complete Coli Tattoo Machine Kit

History of Tattoo

     Obviously, the word “tattoo” is a fairly new one, as far as the beginnings of words go, the first time ever being used in 1769 in Captain James Cook‘s diary. It comes from a Polynesian word, as many of the Pacific islands at the time tattooed themselves. English speaking sailors first got their tattoos on these islands, then introduced the custom to Europe. However, tattooing was believed to have started in Egypt, before Egypt was even an organized society, 6,000 years ago. At that time, the only tattoos archeologists believe were done were tattoos on women’s legs that were meant to protect the woman from the dangers of childbirth. From Egypt tattooing was later spread and shared with other parts of Africa, into Asia, and Pacific islands through trade lines and travelers.

    Every culture since has tattooed themselves in one form or another, for reasons of spirituality, protection, strength, and history. Tattoos have been marks that the bearer is very proud of, or ashamed to wear. The Polynesians allowed both men and women to be tattooed, while in other cultures only men were permitted. The Japanese have been tattooing since at least 400 BC, for ornamental and narrative purposes, but also as a marking on criminals to identify them. Much more recently, in the 1800’s in became fashionable for members of European royalty to be tattooed.

Packing including:

▲ 2  ×Tattoo Machine Guns for Liner and Shader

×LCD Tattoo Power Supply

×Top foot pedal


×54 bottles full colors tattoo ink, 8ml/bottle

50×made sterile tattoo needles, assorted mixed size

×colorful Aluminium Alloy tattoo grips

10×Stainless steel tattoo tips

50×Disposable Tattoo Tips mixed size

×19mm different size disposable Tattoo Grips

100 ×Ink cup Mixed size

1 ×ink Cup holder

50 ×Tattoo-machine rubber bands

50 ×Mixed-color grommets

50 ×Rubber o-rings

1 × tattoo tip cleaning brush

1 × tattoo machine gun adjust tools

1 ×Silicon Practice skin, dual-sided & re-usable

2 ×Disposable tattoo gloves

1 ×Tattoo Machine Kit Manual

1 ×True Black Tattoo Ink



1. Wash fresh tattoo twice per day approximately 8-10 hours apart.
2. Apply the ORIGINAL BALM 4-5 times per day or as needed approximately 2 hours apart.
3. As tattoo is healing, the skin will start to peel and may itch.  Do not peel, pick or scratch the dead skin off the tattoo.  Doing so can cause the tattoo to heal improperly.  Let skin naturally peel.
4. No pools, hot tubs, baths, salt water or fresh water swimming until tattoo is fully healed, which can take at least 2 weeks.
5. Do not submerge tattoo in water for a long period of time until tattoo is fully healed.
6.  Greatly minimize sun exposure until tattoo is fully healed

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