Tattoo Machine Tattoo Gun Set

Tattoo Machine Tattoo Gun Set

Factory Number: TK201-40 2 Pro Gun Tattoo Kit including the following parts: 1// 2 Pro Tattoo Machine Guns for Liner and Shader 2// 1 Professional Tattoo Power Supply 3// 1 Top foot pedal/Switch 4// 1 Clip-cord 5// 20 Pre made sterile tattoo needles, assorted mixed size (3RL 5RL 3RS 5RS ). 6// 2 colorful Aluminium Alloy tattoo grips(Random Color) 7// 10 Different size 304 Stainless steel tattoo tips, size RL3/5 RL8/9 RL11/14 M5 M7 M9 M11 M13 M15 8// 10 Disposable Tattoo Tips mixed size(3RT 5RT ) 9// 100 Ink cup Mixed size(Large, Medium, Small) 10// 1 ink Cup holder 11// 50 Tattoo-machine rubber bands 12// 50 Mixed-color grommets 13// 50 Rubber o-rings 14// 1 Set tattoo tip cleaning brush (5pcs per set) 15// 1 Set of tattoo machine gun adjust tools (3 different size) 16// 1 Silica gel Practice skin, dual-sided & re-usable 17// 2 Pcs Disposable tattoo gloves (Large) 18// 1 Set Tattoo Machine Kit Manual Warning and Disclaimer If you are a tattoo artist, it’s no problem to use Solong Tattoo equipments. But if you are a tattoo beginner, please pay attention to the following warning tips: 1.Before starting to tattoo yourself or others, please read the Instruction Manual carefully, the Instruction Manual in Tattoo Kit could tell you how to star a tattoo. You can also check more teaching Videos on facebook or twitter. 2.As a tattoo beginner, you should practice your design first on practice skins or on pears, apples, or something similar to human skin. This practice is necessary to improve your tattoo skills. You should have enough tattoo skills before tattooing on human skin, the tattoo on human skin is permanent. 3.Before tattooing on your body, please make a skin test for the tattoo inks, if there are allergic reactions on test skin, please stop use the ink and contact us for help. No matter which brand ink you are willing to use, the skin test is necessary. 4.Please take in mind you should keep your body health before tattooing. A week body, such as drunk, catching a cold, or any other sickness, can’t be done tattooing on body. It may result your body too week to recover your tattoo parts. And you should keep your body health after tattoo as well. 5.Normally, the tattoo skin may take 5-10 days recover. Please keep the skin dry during the recover. Bathing, drinking, strenuous exercise is prohibited. 6.If you have any trouble or confuse to use our products, please contact Solong Tattoo directly.

Tattoo Machine Tattoo Gun Set    



Rotary tattoos was founded in 2006 with more than 100employees and a workshop area of over 3000 squaremeters. We has success fuilly produced advanced

tattoo equipment for both international and domesticclients.All of our products comply with international qualitystandardsand are greatly appreciated in a variety ofdifferent markets throughout the world. 

Our main products are tattoo needles. tattoomachines ,and tattoo parts such as

tips,grips,tubes,ad so on. AlI our components. andmaterial being used are under the US standard toensure and säfe quality.

Our exceptional expertise and substantial resourceswill provide our OEM and ÔDM customers with veryhigh' quality products and satisfaction.

lf you wish to make any further inquiries about ToTattoo's OEM or ODM service. please feel free tocontact us.

 Thank you very much for chooosing rotary tattoos 


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