Digital Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

Digital Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Pen


Charme Princesse Permanent Makeup Pen is a high quality machine made in Germany, designed to give you the closest feel to an actual pen that you can get with a tattoo machine. You can use this pen to do Tattooing, Skin Care, permanent eyebrows makeup, lip line, eye line...All in one pen. 
-Each of the Charme Princesse permanent makeup Pen is CNC-Machined by aircraft Aluminium alloy and then anodized finish. The motor is 10w made in Swiss, low noise, strong and stable to work, no hot for long time working. 

Permanent makeup pen-

-AC: 110V/240V 2A 
-DC: 5V 2A 
-Speed:3V 8000r/min,4V 12000r/min,5V 16000r/min 
-The Charme Princesse Pen can work with Charme Princesse power supply with more speed control, or work with AC/DC Adapter with 3 speed control.
-New touch screen Charme Princesse power supply with 4 modes to drive the pen for different works.

Power supply-

-AC: 110V/240V 2A
DC: 5V 2A 
-Size: 8'x6.2'x1’
-4 Modes Working: Brow/Eye/Lips/Med,Skin Care each mode with default working voltage and speed for suited works, you can also press UP/DOWN to increase or lower the voltage and speed.

Package including:
1 x Charme Princesse Permannent Makeup Machine Pen
1 x Charme Princesse LCD Touch Screen Power Supply
1 x AC/DC Adaptor
1 x Connection line 
7 x EN51 Permanent makeup Needle cartridge( 1P,3P,5P,7P,3F,5F,7F each 1pc)
1 x Exquisite Package.

Please noticed: This pen is only suitable for Solong Tattoo EN50/EN51 needles cartridges as below pictures:



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