Permanent Make Up Tattoo Mahcine Set

• High power for cosmetic and medical procedures • Individual program settings for each area of application • 4 modes: eyeliner, lip, brow, medical • Short heating time • Minimal trauma to the skin: all needle punctures are consisitant • All skin types can be treated, even thin or pre-lasered skin • Body produces natural collagen for long-lasting • No increase in sun sensitivity • Performed under topical anaesthesia • Automatic piercing deep under the skin to avoid piercing the skin too deeply • Environmental, very low noise

permanent make up tattoo mahcine set

Welcome to the solong tattoo 

Live the abundant experience of solong tattoo ,unlike the most pmu devices in market are jsut pleasant to the eye,meet the permanent make up tattoo machine set  modern rectangle design shape combined with a sense of technology for the outer look but the inside still with the best technology.The machine Device EK116  precision control will make your work a great pleasure. The aluminum body is easy to clean and maintain. This elegant design and easy to use technology will surely captivate all new technicians.It is a simple machine to use, with functions that are easy and clear at an affordable price; a real eye catcher for beginners and the experienced artist.The sophisticated hygiene system of the hand piece and only needs a normal cleaning with equipment disinfectant.

EK116 (1).jpg


More profession

The minimum speed of the Machine Device EK116 is 100rps and with a maximum speed of 200rps, it should be able to cover all your required treatments. The speed adjustment is done manually by pressing the + or – button.It is light weight, only 770g and measuring 17mm in length; 17.5mm in width and only 3mm in height.You will never mind to bring with you even travel to all over the world.

Packing Including :


1 x  Eyebrow Tattoo Pen
1 x  LCD Touch Screen Power Supply
1 x AC/DC Adaptor
1 x Connection line 
10 x EN05Needle cartridge
1 x Exquisite Package

EK116 建议放第二张.jpg

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