Permanent Machine Pen

Professional permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo pen machine, science and intelligent. Ergonomic design, small body machine, light weight, intelligent data. Super Endurance Eyebrow tattoo pen machine adopt import powerful motor, much more durable. Strong Stability Special lock needle design, out needle adjustable range is 0-2.5cm, make needle more firm. Use Safe and Easy Operate

Permanent Machine pen Embroidered Eyebrow Lip Eyeline   


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Easy to use : Ergonomic pen-like design that emulates the feel and grip of a pen allowing comfortable and precise tattooing technique

Powerful Machine :Equipped with powerful motor with advanced gearing system allowing smooth and consistent power output.  

Premium Design : Unique and elegant machine crafted by world-class designers. 

Great Build Quality :Made with the best material available in the market. 

Amazing After Sales product Support : Amazing After Sales Support - Responsive customer support team that will respond on all your questions about the machine 


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