Permanent Eyebrow Machine Pen in stock

The permanent eyebrow machine pen is light and elegant, elegant and elegant silvery high-end atmosphere; can be plugged into the adapter, can also use lithium battery power, convenient to carry, wireless operation for up to 5 hours; for tattoo eyebrows, the United States pupil line, Drift lip, small area tattoo; long life, durable, strong power,. Coloring block, pin out accurate, no ink jet, no flying pin, with the original thread needle tattoo effect is better. Outlet length 3 speed adjustable, precise scale. Ergonomic design makes your pattern art more handy. Scholars, get started quickly.
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Wholesale permanent eyebrow machine pen

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wholesale permanent eyebrow machine pen


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Data for The Pen:

-AC: 100-240V 50-60Hz

-DC: 5V 1A


   4V- 7200r/min  

   3.8V- 6840r/min

   3.5V- 6300r/min

--Needle Protrusion: 0 - 2.1 mm
-The Pen work with AC/DC Adapter 
-The Pen work with Lithium Battery ( Wireless)  with 3 speed control


△ Needel can do not fly 

△ Coloring fast



○High speed

○Strong endurance


○Super sound-off 


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