Digital Permanent machine Pen

Digital Permanent machine Pen Digitally Controlled Micropigmentation Machine with Micro Needle Cartridge System for Permanent Make-Up, DermoPigmentation, Micro Needle Treatment and Tricopigmentation.

Cosmetic Tattoo Machine Digital Permanent Machine Pen 



- Silent 

- Easy to use 

- Speed Digitally Controlled

- Needle Length can be Adjusted from 0mm to 4mm. 

- Fine Details are possible, the needle is very precise. 

- Perfect liner movement 

- Blood and Ink will never contaminate the hand-piece 

- Use of top quality needles 


- Digitally Controlled 

- Handy 

- Noise free 

- Safety Needles 

- No Risk of infections* 

- Pain Relief Design 

- More powerful than any other Digital Pen 


- High Quality Motorised Equipment 

- Ergonomic Design 

- Needle Length Adjustment 4mm max. 

- Powerful and solid 

- Made of Aluminium 

- Safe, Needle cartridge and hand-piece are totally separated which protects from the flow of fluid. 

- Needles can be plugged and removed easily 

- Disposable top quality needles 

- We use special needles which reduce the pain 

*Must be used properly only by professionals.


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