The Taboo Of Tattooing And Fastidious

May 02, 2018

The biggest taboo is not to look for the trash tattoo artist, the most important is to find a skilled old master to do well.

There are rules on the road. What is the name? A thief is a blood pigeon and snake on the wrist. There are more skeletons in the murder case. Male humanities flower, 100% big color Wolf one. Women should stay away, unless it's another matter.

Said said the principle of tattoo. Tattoo is to have cultured, is in accordance with their own five lines to choose based on species to grain, generally speaking, the orthodox tattoo, guan gong and evil dragon, is the most bad lines of the two things compared immorality. Not like a person fight, not so-called resistance, which is phase grams in the life, has not only will not bring good luck, also unlucky, serious mass annihilation. Tattoos can't careless grain, some things, resistance is not up your life, and grain Wait for luck. And profound Chinese ancient culture, a lot of things to use now the notion of science also can't explain, tattoos, this thing is actually in the zhouyi used a small side door evolution, and the specific principle is unknown, but I know this thing goes astray. As for what kind of person the lines what kind of things, that is fine.

1. Guan gong: it has always been said that there is a disaster in town, but not everyone can write it. Pay attention to a "carry" or "back". Some people can not carry, that is the counter-productive, can not protect you not to say, but more calamitous. Guan er can only be in the front of the chest, taboo words on the back or other places, the girl can not wen guan gong. The day before yesterday saw a girl tattoo design, unexpectedly on the back tattoo a guan gong, here I can only bless her. Wen guan, pay attention to the biggest! Horse riding guan gong, knife guan gong, guan gong night read military books, guan gong tanta! I have heard that guan gong can resist, and this man is quite an X. But the tattoo must be closed, because guan gong's eyes are open to kill.

Buddha and bodhisattvas: Buddha is also a god of blessing, a "hug". Although it is a hug, but taboo words in the chest. It must be in a clean place, otherwise it is disrespectful. The five officials should be clear, with a benevolent face.

Tiger: there is a lot of talk. The mountain tiger, the mountain tiger have their own exquisite. The mountain tiger represents the mountain, the golden basin to wash their hands; The mountain tiger representative is ready to go on the road, the name of the name li wan. More prisoners are released from prison. And wen hu asked for body fat, I have seen a man a thin tiger. The wen animal is fastidious, the hungry tiger can only be a disaster.

4, dragon: the most exquisite one, the people on the road, more than the dragon is the first choice. It is a good word for health. Life is hard. Wenlong is basically begging for money. Divide yunzhong long (eldest brother), cross river (shoulder) dragon (start a business), dragon (keep a business) and so on. But what a lot of people don't notice is that when wenlong shows a few PAWS, the claws are several fingers. The five or three claw dragon should be considered as the best of four claws. A good position on the shoulder. One can only have one dragon. So far, I have not seen more than two of them.

5, the god of death, the night fork and so on, is a "town", the town does not have to say more. The suggestion is that the few people can not live in the town.

6, Wolf, dog: strongly recommended not, with the meaning of sinister.

Seven, Chinese character: wen his mother again many also have no matter, have no exquisite, especially wen a few what love ah, affection, such person, belong to 2B type. If you are not fashionable, you appear to have an IQ problem. It is advisable to wash it out as soon as possible.

8. Abstract patterns: there are many Arabic and Egyptian ancient texts that have been understood before.

Kirin: the main thing is to eliminate evil spirits and drive away evil spirits.

Scorpion: poison, too. Although it is said to be evil, it is said to be evil.

Kuixing - aka zhong kui ~ haha. Mainly to the life in the five elements is not obvious or is five lines of weak grain. Grain not afraid dirty things, but the effect is much less than the tsing lung (hey hey, the dragon is king). But as kuixing mild, and fills it will not be too much of a mismatched.. But the same, don't feel that the big star is not crazy, the big star can only fight the imp, the big thing it also can't make a point ~~ ~~.

A night fork -- like a massive grain, but only a feminine one, and nothing special about it, is it mild?

Carp -- tile is used to celebrate the New Year pictures are posted when the fish doll, also has a single carp jump longmen that are similar. The carp didn't pay attention to such things, has no effect, but also nothing important things, do not trespass, belongs to a lowest grain content.. Japan also has a kind of pattern dance to kill carp. It is a long and the same person kill carp's picture, that thing is a bit crooked.