Tattoo Machine Pen

Mar 09, 2020

New motor machine technical parameter table
Number of products: EM136-1
Motor: Motor specifications
Color: fine sand black
Rated voltage: 10V DC
Product name: Motor tattoo pen
Rated power 4.5W
Material Aluminum
Place of Origin Shenzhen, China
Production process Turn-mill compound, fine polishing, oxidation coloring
Working voltage and speed 6V speed 3780RPM
Interface RCA interface
8V speed 5040RPM
Starting voltage 4.0V 9V
Speed 6300RPM
Needle stroke 3.0mm
Needle out length 0-4.0mm
Function and selling point The product has a relatively large head, the overall center of gravity is forward, and the grip is comfortable. It can effectively slow down the recoil force of the tattoo needle and make it easier to operate. Strong torque, smooth shaft rotation; unique head-end knob ball, softer use, more intuitive and convenient to assist the operator to determine the length of the needle. practical.
Packaging and accessories Packaging: Black box (including two small black boxes) + PE plastic protective net sleeve black Accessories: Divided into two lines --- DC male + (6.3 male and 3.5 audio) 1.8 meters + desiccant
Ideas Working voltage 7-11V, do not overload for a long time, the maximum withstand torque is

EK136-1 (7)