Nano Tattoo Ink - Main Application

May 02, 2018

A team at the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) has discovered a more advanced application of tattoo technology: monitoring blood sugar levels with ink made from nanoparticles.

2. Hyperglycemia of diabetes can cause damage to the body, resulting in retinal detachment and other symptoms. For diabetes patients and their doctors, detection of blood sugar level is particularly important, generally USES the monitoring method is to take several times a day to show blood to measure blood sugar, but because people differ from that of their blood sugar levels before and after the meal, there is no guarantee that completely accurate detection method.

3, with the improvement of technology, some means of continuously monitor blood sugar also arises at the historic moment, but these methods are generally need to pass the instrument to Pierce the blood vessels and blood contact, and is not suitable for long-term use.

The MIT team is committed to finding ways to use time more often. Eventually, they encapsulated the nanotubes in a glucose-sensitive polymer, creating an "ink" that could be injected into the skin.