Main Types Of Temporary Tattoos

May 02, 2018

1. Painted tattoo, also known as pen painting, the tattoo artist directly USES special paint strokes.

2. Ouyang wen-just stickers are to put the existing pictures directly on their skin, which is not long, and is generally applicable to temporary occasions such as performances.

3, draw tattoos, operating process, cut out the template tight stick on the skin tightening (must), dip in with trowel or phone card plate, such as the liquid force of the blow in the white place (preferably a forming), in order to avoid repeat operation leads to design fuzzy, after scraping, stripped to gently from one to the other side. Wash the template again.

4. Spray painting tattoo, ink painting tattoo includes: air pump, spray pen, light color material, fine computer template, pen holder, gas line, fixing liquid, etc.