Laser Beauty Is A New Kind Of Beauty Method That Has Arisen In Recent Years

May 02, 2018

Laser beauty is a new kind of beauty method that has arisen in recent years. This method can eliminate facial wrinkles, and use the right amount of laser light to make the skin delicate and smooth. For treatment of acne, moles, age spots, etc. Because laser beauty is painless and safe and reliable, people welcome it.

Laser cosmetic is a particular wavelength laser beam through the epidermis and the dermis, destruction of pigment cells and pigment particles, the fragments are processed by macrophages in the body to absorb, safe leave scar, the purpose of the realization of the efficient whitening.

Laser cosmetic products is the main principle of the adopted beneficial to human body, through the ability strong, the tissue absorption rate high light wave band, to take advantage of the weak laser the stimulating effect of the biological tissue, to face more beauty acupoint irradiation at the same time, through the facial point and local skin irradiation, effectively stimulate facial meridian acupoints, accelerate the blood circulation, improve skin supply state, increase nutrition skin tissue, promote the metabolism of skin, remove aging, shrinking of epithelial cells, enhance the vitality of facial skin collagen protein, promote cell regeneration and sebaceous glands, sweat gland secretion, stimulate the skin nerve, Promote the synthesis of the body's metabolism and tissue repair, thus improve facial skin darkness, pigmentation, skin is flabby, drooping, pouch and black rim of the eye wrinkles, enlarged pores, rough skin, etc., make facial skin ruddy luster and elasticity, delay the aging of the skin, raise colour beauty effect.