How Wireless Tattoo Machine Develop

Dec 23, 2020

As we all know, wireless tattoo machines are the new HOT trend in the tattoo industry. More and more tattoo artists are ditching the power cords and adopting wireless tattoo machines. They are adopting them because of their convenience and ease of use. There is no more need for  a power supply, a corded line, or foot pedal.  

Now all the artist has to do is just slide their new CNC wireless machine in the plastic bag, seal it with the bandage tape and they are ready to tattoo. Another big reason wireless machines are so popular is that artists can use and take them anywhere.  With that said, I would like to discuss the Solong tattoo wireless machine’s.


First Generation: Wireless Battery Tattoo Power Supply. Attached back of machine and powered the machine directly.  This was a game changer and it made tattooing so convenient. Having sold thousands and thousands of 1st Gen machines we gather wonderful feedback. We found that the tattoo artist felt the attached wireless battery to the back of the device was too heavy and not aesthetically pleasing. Solong used all the feedback they received and improved designs to create the second generation of wireless tattoo machines. 


Second Generation:  New designs placed the wireless battery not hanging off the back of the  machine but as part of the machine. Which when together you can’t tell where the machine stops and the battery starts. They are seamlessly designed as one machine.  This seamless design solved and reduced the weight of the machine and made the model even more beautiful. One drawback is the machine takes longer then normal to charge and cannot be used when charging. This resulted in tattoo artists needing to have more machines available while other machines charged. 

EM158-1 (10) 

Third Generation: Taking into consideration when the battery is charging the tattoo artist still needs to work, so SoLong designed our new wireless tattoo machine with a stronger magnetic connection so the battery can be charged while connect to the RCA cord which allows the tattoo artist to continue working at the same time the battery is being charged. This 3rd generation design made tattooing more convenient, then we designed the fourth generation wireless pen.

EM139-1 (6)

Fourth Generation: CNC WE Wireless Tattoo Pen. It comes equipped with a stronger magnetic battery to machine connection, and each machine comes with 2 batteries. By providing two batteries with every CNC WE the tattoo artist is able to continue working while the other battery is charging. There is one exception to this and that is when TYPE-C fast charge is enabled. The  full charge time of the CNC WE is 1.5 hours per battery. The battery life /working time is 3 hours per battery. Eveen, with all of their new innovation Solong has been able to keep the price the same. 

CNC-M-WEEM145-2 (4)  

Solong is always working on the next innovation to add to its machines. Because of the constant feedback from our amazing tattoo artist, reseller and partner we are constantly improving our machine designs and functionality. We have over 50+ machine styles, 25+ colors and 20+ designs over 25,000 poissible machine combinations. Just when they think Solong is amazing they then go apply all of the feedback, ideas and innovations to the permanent makeup industry.

EMK161-8 (5)

If you have any other idea, welcome to let us know freely.

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