How To Work With Best Tattoo Machine

Dec 28, 2020

How to use

The grip supports approximately 300° rotation adjustment, and the depth of the needle changes from 0-4mm in the 300° rotation range. The handle can accurately lock the needle depth.

How to work with best tattoo machine

Retractable cartridge slot

As shown, Figure 1 means that the needle length is 0mm, and this slot protrudes from the grip. Figure 2 The needle length is 4mm,This slot is retracted about 1mm in the grip.

How to work with best tattoo machine

Design For Lightweight & Service

X-WE tattoo gun is designed by POWERCHANNEL GROUP, and the overall shell is made of aviation aluminum. The total weight of the tattoo machine is 176g, and the Powerbolt is only 37.4g. About 80% of the weight is concentrated on the grip, comfortable design.

For better after-sales service, X-WE adopts segmented design. Divided into: grip section, drive section, power section. During the one-year warranty period, if there is a problem with any section, CNC will send the replacement section to you. You only need to simply replace it.I believe this after-sales program is best for us.

How to work with best tattoo machine