How Tattoos Work

May 02, 2018

Tattoo machine through the middle voltage regulator, transformer, outside access to 220 v alternating current into a voltage value between 3-20 v direct current, under 3-20 v dc voltage, between two main coil and efi moments of suction and spray action, with the help of a tattoo machine the reciprocating movement of the spring piece, drive the tattoo needles produced high-speed, reciprocating movement up and down. One of the biggest benefits of this kind of work is that it can produce high speed and torque due to the motor and motor drive without taking into account the loss of motor and motor power. Work tattoo needle puncture epidermis layer of high speed and evenly, tattoo pigment into the base layer of epidermis layer, keeping the pigment fixation in epidermis, form all sorts of pigment combination of exquisite design and words, to modify the skin to cover the skin scar.

By a tattoo body tattoo machine frame (stamping, casting, thread cutting, the difference between a manual welding), magnetic coil, capacitance, vibration suspension iron, shrapnel, adjust the plunger of main parts such as screws, be short of one cannot.