CNC Wireless Tattoo Machine Customer Feedback

Dec 26, 2020

CNC wireless tattoo machine customer feedback

Key Features

  • 3.5 mm direct Drive: a versatile stroke for lining and color packing.

  • Slim Grip Diameter: 28 mm

  • LED indicator: From here you can check your battery life, the voltage you’re using.

  • Lightweight Design: only 194g, most of the weight is in the center.

  • Dynamic Power Path Management: Always get the same amount of power which let your work more stable and smooth.

  • Detachable battery: The magnet design, Switch to the auxiliary battery in seconds.

  • USB-C port: Charge your wireless tattoo machine in your car, laptop, or from a battery pack.

  • Changing Voltage: Click the button to fine-tune the voltage(0.1 voltage), long-press the button to quickly adjust the voltage

  • Battery life: Up to 5 hours. Can charge as quickly as 2 hours when used with a proper voltage USB-C power source and USB-C cord.

  • Package  1 Machine 2 Power bolt  1 Type-C cord.