Tattoo “Top10” Questions, Do You Want to Know the Answer?

Feb 24, 2020

Tattoo “Top10” Questions, Do You Want to Know the Answer?


Q1: Can I touch the water and bath after the tattoo?
Tattoos can after flushing with water. In the process of tattooing, the skin will be some tissue fluid and a little blood in the capillaries, Airborne bacteria and dust may adhere to the skin. When the pattern after the tissue fluid on the skin will be solidified, If you do not rinse out the recovery of the tattoo is harmful.
Therefore, after the tattoo, use warm water to wash away the blood and tissue fluid and dry on the skin of excess moisture so that the skin breathe naturally, this tattoo will soon resume.


Q2: Tattoo will not hurt?
A tattoo is there will be some pain, the pain of each person will be different, there are different patterns of location and size will have different degrees of pain. Most people are affordable the tattoo pain, if the tattoo pattern is large, the tattoo requires a certain capacity and persistence.


Q3: Why are some black tattoos being blue after restored?
The real tattoo ink is not easy to change color, and the
 tattoo inks color has many types, a variety of colors can pattern. If the black tattoo becomes blue, it must be the tattoo ink that has a problem.


Q4: After 1-2 weeks of tattooing, the color is lighter. Is the tattoo faded?
No, this is because the skin has experienced a faded leather and recovery process, in this process looks very pale, in fact, has been being absorbed by the pigment in the skin beneath this layer of white dander, when this layer of small white dander gradually when finished tattoo faded color will gradually restore them.


Q5: Is the tattoo safe? Will it be infected with the disease?
Regular tattoo studios and professional tattoo artists, as well as the correct care after tattooing, can not be ignored. The strict disinfection of tattoo equipment and safe and qualified pigments are the most important for us to avoid infection and infectious diseases.
And the 
tattoo needles, gloves, and color cups used in regular tattoo shops are all disposable and should never be reused. Because the tattoo is based on the premise of destroying the skin, if the above precautions are not strictly required, it is very easy to cause infection and even spread various diseases.


Q6: Can a pigeon blood tattoo be seen while drinking?
This method is absolutely impossible and very dangerous. The blood of animals is different from the blood type of human blood. There is no fusion between the two. There are four common blood types in human beings, but the types of blood types of animals far exceed those of humans. What kind of dangers will occur after the fusion of different blood types? I think everyone knows better.
Moreover, the body of animals contains various bacteria, parasites, and contact with human blood is also a way of spreading the disease. Therefore, tattoo lovers should never listen to rumors. If you want to get a tattoo you must find a regular tattoo artist, the regular tattoo inks are all tested and harmless to the human body.


Q7: Can tattoos cover scar?
This is one of the 
questions we get asked all the time. Tattoo covering scars is a very good and very practical method. Some people suffer from physical scars or birthmarks, and they are distressed. The cost of surgery is too high, and there is no other good way to remove scars. The pattern that I liked is beautiful and fashionable, and it solves the problem of scars. Why not do it.


Q8: Does the tattoo need to be complementary after a period of time?
The key to this problem lies in the technical ability of the tattoo artist. As long as the technical ability of the tattoo artist is mature, the color material is accurately injected into the stable layer of the skin (the color material in this layer is not easily metabolized by the dermis layer). Tattoos are permanent after recovery, and fades will not occur even after several years. (except special horny)


Q9: Why do some tattoos appear to be raised after recovery?
This is because some tattoo artists do not master the correct tattoo technique when they are tattooing, causing skin damage and skin tissue hyperplasia.
Also, because the tattoo needles penetrate the skin too deeply when tattoo, too much color is injected into the skin. During the recovery process, the skin does not completely absorb the coloring material, causing a part of the coloring material to accumulate under the skin, forming a protrusion of the tattoo. Since the colorant cannot be completely absorbed under the skin, after a certain period of time, the colorant will slowly spread under the skin, causing the pattern to be blurred.


Q10: Will color tattoos fade?
If the tattoo artist’s technical ability is mature, the color tattoo will not fade. (except for special location keratin).



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