Something about Tattoo Hygiene Products--Tattoo Green Soap

Dec 24, 2020

As we all know, during tattooing, Hygiene is essential. Although “Green Soap” is one of the essential cleaning products for tattoo artists, not everyone knows how to use it correctly. Today let’s talk about how to use green soap correctly? What kind of container should we use?


1. How to Choose Green Soap??

Green soap is actually a kind of mild liquid soap. It is made from glycerin and lavender extracted from plants. It is biodegradable and harmless to the environment. It can even be used as a good hand soap and shampoo. However, with the continuous changes in market development, "green soap" no longer refers to a single product, and has become a synonym for this type of cleaning product. Including the emergence of "blue soap" products, their use properties are the same, so no matter which one you choose, it can have a cleaning effect.


2. How to Use??

Generally speaking, the green soap on the market is all original American original liquid, so it must be diluted before use. The dilution ratio of the original green soap and water is 1:12. After the dilution, it can be used in different containers for cleaning.

3. How to Choose Contianer??

►Tattoo Green Soap Bottle

TC213 (2)

Since the water output of the green soap pot is relatively large, we use it in the tattoo process. When there is a large area of color remaining, we use such a green soap pot to clean the tattooed parts.


►Tattoo Spray Bottle. 

TC209 (1)

In the process of tattooing, because the green soap spray out will be misty, we usually spray it on the wipe paper and then clean the tattooed area.


►Tattoo Foam Soap Bottle. 


Because it squeezes out of foam, it is very comfortable in contact with the skin, so usually the tattoo artist directly uses this foam to apply the surface of the tattooed skin and wipe it directly.


All in all, no matter what container, we need according our needs to choose and effect is the same.

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