Something About Tattoo Aftercare Protective Film

Feb 03, 2021

An excellent tattoo artist will cover the tattooed area with a protective film to prevent bacteria and dust infection. The traditional protective film has many shortcomings, such as airtightness, frequent replacement, and easy breeding of bacteria inside. Is there a better alternative?

Solong tattoo repairing patch is a kind of film made of medical grade materials and processed by special technology that can promote the recovery of tattoos, which is different from ordinary protective film.

Something About Tattoo Aftercare Protective Film

Improper use of ordinary protective film can easily cause inflammation of the wound, itching, eczema, and redness. In severe cases, it will increase the chance of infection and cause skin ulceration. The Aiku Repair Patch is made of medical materials and has unidirectional air permeability. Therefore, it has the functions of air permeability, waterproof, and isolation of bacterial contamination.

Solong tattoo repair patch has the characteristics of hypoallergenic, re-adhesive effect is better than normal, not easy to fall off, and also warm to peel.

Something About Tattoo Aftercare Protective Film

The repairing stickers are 15cm wide and 1000cm long. The tattoo artist can make any cut according to the size of the tattoo. Of course, the customer can also buy it and maintain it by himself. It is precisely because of these advantages. So he has been widely used in European and American tattoo circles.

How to Use

The First post

After the tattoo is finished, after the skin of the tattoo is cleaned up, there is no need to apply any repair products, and the protective sticker is directly attached to the tattooed part.

The Second post

About 2~3 hours, tear off the protective sticker, clean the tattoo area again, and then put on the second sticker. After the second post is pasted, there is no need to change it again. We will peel it off until you get a tattoo, scab, and moult. The time can be adjusted according to the recovery of the tattoo, about 5~7 days. In this way, the entire tattoo recovery process and the use of the protective stickers have been completed.

 Something About Tattoo Aftercare Protective Film


Solong repairing patch is used in a state with relatively small skin damage, and the effect will be better. If the skin lesions are relatively large and the blood tissue fluid leaks more, it is recommended that you increase the number of replacements. The specific needs to be used according to the tattoo.

Overall, this is a very convenient tattoo restoration product. It can not only isolate the risk of bacterial infection in the air, but also increase the air permeability of the tattoo site, and it can also play a waterproof role. It can be said to be a perfect substitute for traditional plastic wrap.