Lasers are increasingly used in the beauty world

May 02, 2018

Laser is produced by high energy, focusing on precision, has certain penetration of monochromatic light, the effect on human tissue and high heat generated by the locally so as to achieve the aim of remove or destroy target groups at various wavelengths pulsed laser to treat all kinds of vascular dermatosis and pigmentation, such as the nevus of ota, nevus flammeus, freckles, age spots, angiotelectasis, etc; And go to tattoo, wash eyeliner, wash eyebrow, treat scar and so on; High energy super-pulse CO2 laser, erbium laser is used to remove wrinkles, skin skin, treat snoring, whiten teeth, etc., and have achieved good curative effect, and open up more and more fields for laser surgery.

Laser surgery is superior to traditional surgery.

First of all, laser surgery requires no hospitalization, small incision, no bleeding, light trauma, no scar. Eye bags, for example, the treatment of the traditional operation method for wide scope of stripping, intraoperative bleeding, postoperative healing slowly, the more the disadvantages such scarring, type and application of high energy ultra pulse CO2 laser treatment eye bags, with intraoperative no bleeding, no stitches, it does not affect the normal work and surgical site edema, light, and the advantages of fast recovery and no scar, can't compare with traditional surgery. And some of the endoscopic surgery, which cannot be performed due to bleeding, can be done by laser cutting instead.