Laser surgery has ushered in a new era of medical beauty

May 02, 2018

The new technology of cosmetic surgery is developed by high energy superpulse CO2 laser grinding skin.

It by changing the focusing characteristics of laser, laser spot into a flare, using graphics generator, make flare according to certain graphics drive scanning galvanometer scanning, and generate heat in an instant, as to have a distinguished effect on the skin, gasification, irreversible thermal damage, heating area. These effects can be used to remove target tissue from the scanning range. Graphic scanning mode is divided into sequential scan and random scanning (different thermal damage of local area on the skin) two kinds, each light intensity, density, shape and size of scans are controlled by computer, and precise control of removing the depth of the target tissue, achieve the goal of treatment. The effect of laser skin removal includes: epidermal gasification (removing freckles, removing seborrheic keratinization, removing light linear keratinization), and stimulating the synthesis of new collagen (removing wrinkles).

Laser resurfacing not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional methods, such as easy to bleed, deep and difficult to control, but also stimulates the skin elastic fiber to make it shrink. The contraction of elastic fibers can tighten the skin and further promote the disappearance of superficial wrinkles. In addition, the wrinkle effect is related to the size of the spot used, and the treatment of 1.3mm spot is fast and evenly covered. The penetration of 0.12mm is deeper, so the recovery time is shorter. Avoid the light before the laser resurfacing operation, take the appropriate vitamin medicine, the postoperative facial medicine or the change of medicine to prevent the infection. Skin pigmentation is an occasional occurrence of skin pigmentation, which is common in the yellow race. In the three months after the operation, the incidence of hyperpigmentation was higher, and the pigmentation disappeared within half a year and no longer recurred. In this case, avoid special treatment, avoid light, and use sunscreen lotion under the guidance of your doctor. To avoid permanent pigmentation, should be paid attention to when choosing surgical indications, as far as possible choose color shallow or deep color of skin of patients, for the color of skin between should be careful in the skin.

In addition, with its safe and accurate curative effect, simple and quick treatment has created one miracle after another in the medical beauty industry. Laser cosmetology has made medical cosmetology a big step forward, and endowed the connotation of medical cosmetology renewal.