Laser removal characteristics

May 02, 2018

Laser anti-wrinkle but through the skin melanin, hemoglobin, especially the water absorption of energy release of the laser, and generate heat effect is converted into heat, so as to activate dermal into fiber cells and stromal cells to produce new collagen and elastic protein and a variety of cell matrix, and organization reconstruction, like is for lazy skin do exercise, laser anti-wrinkle make cells through exercise and to help young vitality. After several laser irradiation, the skin moisture and elasticity increased, the texture improved, and the fine wrinkles decreased.

The characteristics of

1, professional laser anti-wrinkle treatment by tiny laser beam (75 um) on the skin caused many equally arranged micro zone of injury, damage, there is normal skin tissue around can avoid the accumulation of energy, and use the organization to promote healing of surrounding an undamaged.

2 anti-wrinkle, professional laser surgery is a way of stripping treatment, has stripped laser takes effect, but also eliminate the stripped of laser may be serious complications, such as infection, scar and pigmentation, since each treatment only a percentage of treatment skin, make skin surface retains some untouched by laser role as part of the "bridge", thus professional laser for the treatment of anti-wrinkle safer, comfortable, greatly accelerate the healing time, the risk is small, short downtime, many people call it "weekend" treatment.

3, professional laser anti-wrinkle effect can be quickly, is a lot of female friends like a method of anti-wrinkle professional laser anti-wrinkle technique is the use of collagen in the dermis of 60 to seventy degrees Celsius temperature will produce shrinkage characteristics, immediately after treatment can make droopy skin, immediately feel up, tight leather effect.