Laser is effective in the treatment of vascular dermatosis

May 02, 2018

Excellent use of pulsed dye laser to treat bright red nevus with remarkable curative effect, little damage to surrounding tissue and almost no scar. Its emergence as a revolution in the history of nevus flammeus treatment, because nevus flammeus treatment history, such as radiation, freezing, electric bright, operation method, the high incidence of scar, and often appear a disfiguring or calm. The high level of destruction of vascular tissue, which is highly accurate and safe, does not affect adjacent tissues. Therefore, laser treatment of capillary dilatation is also effective.

In addition, due to the advent of variable pulse laser, the removal of the unsatisfactory tattoo and the treatment of various kinds of pigmented skin diseases such as nevus and senile plaques have been significantly improved. This kind of laser according to the selective effects of field theory, (i.e., different wavelength of laser can be selectively applied to different color of skin damage), using its powerful instantaneous power of radiation energy of highly concentrated and selective pigment, extremely short pulse width, the laser energy concentrated on the pigment particles, its direct evaporation, smash, out of the body through the lymphatic organization, without affecting the surrounding normal tissues, and its curative effect, safe and reliable, no scar, pain small and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.