Laser hairdressing to go to black mole notice

May 02, 2018

The principle of laser to moles is puts the tremendous power of the laser in an instant burst into pigment in the organization, the broken and decompose pigment, macrophages can be swallowed, and then with the lymphatic circulatory system out of the body, thus achieve the goal of the pigment to remove.

Laser QuZhi can apply to many types of moles, including the above three kinds of pigmented nevus, nevus of ota and nevus flammeus, curative effect is very obvious, and it is not easy to leave scar, little risk.

After using laser to remove the mole, there will be a scab locally, so you should avoid local infection. Try not to touch the water for the first two days, then wash your face, but clean it immediately after washing, and avoid the sun. Usually after a week, the surface of the scab can fall off naturally, do not remove the scab on your own, or leave the scar easily. Season choose best is spring and autumn, summer weather is hot, easy to sweat, the wound is more easy to infect.

Matters needing attention

1. Skin cancer patients. It is important to pay attention to the laser removal of moles;

2. Photosensitive skin or taking photosensitive drugs;

3. Attention to the laser removal of moles includes the development of abnormal moles, malignant nevus and so on;

4. Skin acute skin or taking photosensitive drugs;

5. Scar constitution. Not suitable for laser removal of moles;

6. Coagulation dysfunction or taking anticoagulants;

7. Skin lesions associated with melanoma (such as dysplasia, malignant nevus, etc.).