Laser beauty range

May 02, 2018

(1) the use of laser in cosmetic industry is more and more widely. The laser is produced by high energy, focus on precision, has certain monochromatic light penetration, effects on human tissue and high heat generated by the locally so as to achieve the aim of remove or destroy target groups, different wavelength of laser pulse can cure all kinds of vascular dermatosis and pigmentation, such as the nevus of ota, nevus flammeus, freckles, age spots, capillary expansion, etc., and go to the tattoo, wash eyes, wash eyebrow, treatment of scar, etc.; High energy super-pulse CO2 laser, erbium laser is used to remove wrinkles, skin skin, treat snoring, whiten teeth, etc., and have achieved good curative effect, and open up more and more fields for laser surgery.

(2) laser surgery have the incomparable superiority to traditional surgery. Laser surgery first not need hospital treatment, small incision, intraoperative bleeding, not light trauma, no scar. For example: the treatment of eye bags there traditional operation method for wide scope of stripping, intraoperative bleeding, postoperative healing slowly, scarring disadvantages such as easily, and the application type high-energy ultra pulse CO2 laser treatment eye bags, with intraoperative bleeding, it does not need to suture, does not affect the normal work, surgical site light edema, rapid recovery, no scar, can't compare with traditional surgery. While some because of the bleeding to the endoscopic surgery, can be finished by the laser cutting instead of (note: there is a certain range of adaptation)

(3) the laser in the treatment of vascular dermatosis and pigmentation effect is remarkable. Using pulsed dye laser treatment of nevus flammeus, curative effect is distinct, and little damage to the surrounding tissues, hardly fall scar. Its emergence, become a revolution in the history of nevus flammeus treatment, treatment because of nevus flammeus history, such as radiation, freezing, electric bright, operation method, the high incidence of scar, and often appear a disfiguring or calm. Due to the height of the vascular tissue damage, it has high accuracy and safety, does not affect the neighbouring groups. Therefore, laser treatment of capillaries expansion is also curative effect is distinct.

In addition, due to the variable pulse laser appeared, such as make unsatisfied tattoo removal, and all kinds of pigmentary dermatosis such as nevus of ota, got a major breakthrough in the treatment of senile plaque. This kind of laser according to the selective effects of field theory, (i.e., different wavelength of laser can be selectively applied to different colors of skin damage), using its powerful instantaneous power of radiation energy of highly concentrated and selective pigment, extremely short pulse width, the laser energy concentrated on the pigment particles, its direct evaporation, smash, out of the body through the lymphatic organization, without affecting the surrounding normal tissues, and its curative effect, safe and reliable, no scar, The pain is small and deep.

(4) surgery inaugurated a new era of medical hairdressing. High-energy ultra pulse CO2 laser exfoliating skin opens up a new technology of cosmetic surgery. It USES high-energy, extremely short pulse laser, the aging, damage skin tissue by vaporizing instantly, and does not hurt and surrounding tissue, little hemorrhage treatment process, and can accurately control effect depth. Its effect by international medical cosmetic surgery sector and is known as "ushered in a new era of medical hairdressing"; In addition, the more energetic type ultra pulse CO2 laser treatment eye bags, snoring, and even laser teeth whitening, etc., for its safe and accurate curative effect, simple and quick treatment in the medical cosmetic industry created a miracle after another. Laser cosmetic makes medical hairdressing, a big step forward, and assigned to the connotation of medical hairdressing update.