Laser beauty classification

May 02, 2018

1. The laser can be divided into:

A solid laser; Gas laser; A liquid laser; A semiconductor laser.

The appearance of beauty laser provides new techniques for cosmetic surgery, and also solves many problems that previous treatments cannot solve. But most of the beauty laser equipment, due to its sophisticated technology and high price, has only entered China's medical industry in recent years.

Lasers are designed to function by interacting with the tissues. The laser is divided into what kind of energy the tissue converts into.

(1) effect of field: organization to laser light energy into heat energy, different organizations have different absorption coefficient, so specific wavelength laser can be absorbed by certain organization, this is the root cause of the high laser choice, such as laser fine cutting, bleeding and facial wrinkle, etc.;

The burst effect: pulsed laser can produce high-impact shockwave, which can burst and crush tissue, such as laser damage pigment granules.

The photochemical effect: the tissue converts the laser into chemical energy and produces chemical decomposition. If ArF excimer laser corrects corneal deformation;

Light dynamic effect: mainly used to treat tumors.

2. Laser beauty can be divided into:

(1) laser removal of various pigments in facial skin, such as melanin (mole and tattoo), red pigment (hemangioma);

(2) laser removal of skin defects such as moles, warts, papules, growths and benign tumors;

(3) laser permanent removal of excess body hair;

(4) laser removal of facial wrinkles;

(5) perform delicate, minimally invasive and bloodless plastic surgery with laser knife instead of scalpel.