Laser beauty adjustment taboo

May 02, 2018

To adapt to the crowd

1. Treatment of pigmented nevus (moles, nevus, red nevus) and warts (common wart, filamentous wart, contagious soft wart) is very effective and can be cured at once. But if the laser is too deep, it will form a concave scar.

2. Can be used to treat nevus (capillary tumor). Because the large area of bright red spot with skin grafting or simple resection and close suture is not ideal, the laser treatment can be cured or improved;

3. Laser can remove wrinkles. The laser wrinkle is mainly applicable to the superficial wrinkles, and the best effect for middle - aged women and those with better skin elasticity. More wrinkles are not suitable for laser treatment, but wrinkles should be done to tighten and remove excess skin;

4. Can treat armpit odor. The efficacy of laser treatment for patients with mild and moderate armpit odor was better than that of external drugs and surgical treatment.

5. Argon laser can treat stubborn skin ulcer and paralytic scar.

Taboo crowd

1. Pregnant women.

People who are allergic to light, sensitive to light and those who have used light sensitive drugs (retinoic acid, tetracycline, etc.) in half a month.

Hypertension, diabetes mellitus.

Iv. Long-term use of certain psychotropic substances.

Take antiphlogistic and blood pressure medicine.

Six or two weeks of sun exposure.

There are inflammatory people on the surface.

Eight, the face has the chloasma person does not suggest to do.