Is getting a tattoo during pregnancy safe?

Jan 21, 2021

Is getting a tattoo during pregnancy safe?

Can you get a tattoo during pregnancy? Does it affect the mother or baby’s health in any way? Express Parenting got in touch with Dr Bandita Sinha, Consultant Gynaecologist, Hiranandani Hospital Vashi, to know about the risks involved.


Risks of getting a tattoo when pregnant Infection

The first risk of getting a tattoo during pregnancy is the chance of getting infected if one does not use sterilised needles. Dr Sinha explained, “During pregnancy, a woman’s immunity is lower, which increases the chances of infection. So, one has to be very careful in choosing the place to get their tattoo done from. There are chances of HIV or other infections getting transmitted through the needle. The centre should be good and needles should be sterilised properly.”


Impact of a tattoo on the foetus

The ink which is used for making a tattoo can also be harmful. The chemical can affect the baby’s growth. So, it is risky to use any form of ink, specially during the first trimester because that is the period when the baby’s body parts are formed, warned Dr Sinha. This holds true for hair colour and any other drugs which can interfere with the baby’s development and should be avoided.


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The ink can also react with the skin, which becomes very sensitive during pregnancy due to the hormones. It can cause skin rashes. “It is not a wise decision to get it done during pregnancy. It is a piercing act and should be avoided during this time since the body is already vulnerable,” she added.


While the risk to the baby’s growth may lessen in subsequent trimesters, the chances of infection still remain. So, precautions should be taken throughout the pregnancy. It is advisable to get the tattoo done only after delivery, if a woman wants one.


Getting a tattoo on the back during pregnancy

If someone gets a tattoo done on her back and has to take an epidural during the delivery, it may interfere with the doctor being able to locate the area to administer the injection, said Dr Sinha. So, one should not get a tattoo done on the back during pregnancy.