How to make your portrait tattoo more realistic

Jan 30, 2021

Portrait tattoos have always been loved by tattoo lovers, and now more and more people choose it. But for tattoo artists, this type of tattoo is also the easiest style to break. Because the attitude required for character depiction is extremely complicated, there are higher requirements for the technical level of the tattoo artist.

How to make your portrait tattoo more realistic?

Of course, in addition to the technique of the tattoo artist, there are also certain requirements for the selection of equipment. For example, the choice of equipment for needles, pigments and transfer printing. In this way, we can better help the tattoo artist complete the work.

1. Choice of tattoo needles

For portrait tattoos, everyone has higher requirements for fineness, so there is no need for too many needle marks. Therefore, in the process of selecting tattoo needles, you must choose a needle with a long tip, which has a sharper tip.

For the fineness of another wire, we usually choose 10 or 08 series needles, which are around 0.25 or 0.30.

How to make your portrait tattoo more realistic?

2. Color material selection

In the process of making portraits, the requirements for color levels are also relatively high. Therefore, when we choose tattoo colors, especially black and gray materials, we recommend that you choose professional color levels. Such portrait levels are in operation. The medium is easier to grasp, and the dilution of the color will produce many uncontrollable factors, so it is necessary to choose the right color material.

How to make your portrait tattoo more realistic?

3. Choice of transfer

Choose a tattoo transfer product that can transfer more details, so that you can better see the effect of the tattoo pattern combined with the muscle tissue distribution of the tattooed part, and it is convenient to adjust the pattern before the tattoo.

Try to choose thinner transfer paper, because the thinner paper will have relatively thin lines whether it is machine printed or hand drawn. If possible, it is best to choose some transfer products and equipment that can transfer out the transitional shadows.

Finally, try to choose products with a lower consistency on the transfer paste, such as transfer gel and transfer spray. Because the lower the consistency, the faster the skin absorbs, the skin will be refreshed, and the thin strips are easier to retain, so the transfer can not be ignored.

How to make your portrait tattoo more realistic?