How to buy a complete tattoo kit

Dec 01, 2018

People often say that you can’t get everything you want at once. Well, now you can! To place an order, pick anything you like from our catalog and click “Add to cart”. Make sure you read the product description thoroughly before proceeding to checkout to avoid regretting your purchase. Make sure the kit of your choice includes all the items that you need like:

Tattoo machine (or several of them)

Power supply unit

Clip cord

A set of inks


Disposable tubing

Sterile tattoo needles

Antiseptic wash

Practice “skin”

Flash art

Tattoo gun holder

Ink holder

Stencil paper

Aftercare products

At our store, you never overpay! We sell complete tattoo machine starter kits at factory prices and ship straight from the manufacturer. Please note that the number of tattoo machines and inks will influence the cost. So if you are on a budget, stick to the bare minimum. You can always buy additional supplies later if you decide that you really need them.