A tattoo sticker is a sticker on the body

May 02, 2018

A tattoo sticker is a sticker on the body. Easy to use, no pain, paste can be kept for a week, not afraid to wash, no obvious damage to the skin. Therefore, it is more acceptable than traditional tattoos, and it is easy to change patterns.

Tattoo stickers are cheap and have the color and design to attract customers. Tattoo paste technology for water transfer printing technology, material is mainly composed of water transfer paper, green ink, glue and membrane of environmental protection, after printing the finished product, can through a small amount of water will be on the bottom paper pattern unload into the skin, or on other items.

Method of use

Generally tattoos are water transfer printing label, if design is square, not a lot of highlights, way is: the part of the stick body tattoo to do clean, and then with water will tattoo paste on the back of the paper (called the bottom paper) with wet, or put the stick into the water, see the color of the bottom paper darker, that is, when water permeability can be posted. Stick, the patterned directly to stick on the skin of the face, design with nails blowing gently on the back, and finally with the hand down the skin off the bottom paper, let it slide down from the pattern, and then with a towel and press, one is to go to water, and remove air bubbles, is ok. Of course, if the pattern is a lot more prominent, you have to pull the bottom paper up, slow down, and see if there are any patterns that have been taken off, just drop it and press it again.